Benefits of investing in most modern, economical and efficient park.

  • Reasonable value of land, common infrastructure and common utilities for usage.
  • Plug and play model for investment with minimum starting time for new units.
  • Reduced capital requirement ranging from 50% to 75% owing to availability of common facilities and infrastructure.
  • 10 To 20% Capital subsidy on the investment depending on the project.
  • Interest on term loan to be in the range of 5% or less for the full period of loan.
  • Power cost to be approximately Rs. 4.5
  • All government compliances and liasioning like pollution, boiler, labour, factory inspector, Electrical etc.
  • Vat refund for minimum 7 year from 60% To 90% of the VAT amount input or output depending on the investment involved
  • Assistant for banking facilities, recruitment, information technology network, training & Development, R & D, Quality assurance, marketing etc.
  • Reimbursement on training of workers up to rupees 10,000 per worker along with dedicated training facility.
  • Presence in a well planed integrated textile park with ready infrastructure of roads, drainage, water supply, Electricity, Common effluent treatment plant, STP, workers & staff colony, warehouse facility etc.
  • Situated right in the middle of the country with comfortable access to all parts of the countries through roads (1 Km NH 7), Train (3.5 Km Railway siding) & airplane (68 Km Air cargo) With GST on the anvil, this will be a huge advantage.
  • Close proximity of 25 Km. to the dry port of Sindhi which is operated JNPT for Export & Import related business.
  • Presence in an area with ample availability of labour, power, water etc.
  • Located in an area which is textile centric for more than 100 Years now, due to presence of major textile groups already operate in the region.

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