Cost Benefit Analysis

If you want to calculate the benefits of investing in HITPPL in numbers then please download the excel sheet.In that Quantity and Difference column are variable.For example as you can see in below the cost of developed land is considered 1.5 million rupees per acre now for 50 acres the capital cost would be 175 million rupees.

But the actual cost for developed land outside park is 5 million so the difference comes out to be 3.5 million which goes to your savings.You can change the values like you feel you would be requiring 3 acres then change quantity to 3.Likewise you can calculate the total savings for whole project if investing in Hinganghat Textile Park Pvt. Ltd.

Benefit Head UnitCost / BenefitQtyDifference SavingsCapital CostProduction CostColumn II
In Amtin Amt (Millions)on Per Ton
Land costMillion1.5503.5175
Cotton PurchaseRs. Per tonne 9150025412200050.850.8 2000

Excel Sheet for Download

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