Procedure for Investment

For potential investors who are thinking to invest in textile industry which is evergreen since time immemorable. HITP is the best suited place. For various industries cash pay back out side HITP comes to an average of 5+ years whereas inside HITP it comes out to be 3+ years. The time requirement and procedure from incorporation to permanent facility.

The Following procedure is to be followed by an investor to invest in hitp:-

  1. He will have to invest in the shares of HITP to become a director of HITP.
  2. Once he becomes a director he would be eligible for same percentage of land in HITP.
  3. After that as per his units requirement he would be allotted Land and procedure for incorporation of company as per Companies act 2013 would be started by HITP and simultaneously approval from Ministry of Textiles.
  4. After this construction of Industrial shed and providing the common facilities as required by the investor.
  5. The Unit is ready for Machine installation at the investors end and for production.


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